Naish Arsenal Hüfttrapez

Naish Arsenal Hüfttrapez
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ARSENAL Maximum Support Sizes: XS (28”–30”), S (30”–32”), M (32”–34”), L (34”–36” ), XL... mehr
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Maximum Support

Sizes: XS (28”–30”), S (30”–32”), M (32”–34”), L (34”–36”), XL (36”–38”)

The next evolution in maximum support harnesses, the lightweight Arsenal conforms to the body with molded memory foam padding along the spine and an ergonomically shaped structure. A superb choice for a wide range of body types, the Arsenal’s wider shape evenly distributes pull—ideal during powered up or overpowered riding. Double spreader bar straps lock the bar securely into place while strategic contouring and memory foam on the spreader bar provide a more comfortable fit.



Heavy-duty Handle Pass Leash


A PU-coated line runs across the back of the harness to attach your leash to.


Fully Molded 3-piece Outer Shell

Distributes pull and flexes to the rider’s body for a customized fit.

Memory Foam Vertebrae Pads

Cushions align to the spine for maximum comfort.

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